Catechist / Directors Manual

Summary of Benefits for
God Calls You By Name
in the RCIA Process

  • Will shorten your preparation time for sessions.

  • Will permit you to customize the information to the number, the ability, and the receptivity of the inquirers.

  • Will provide an entirely comprehensive education in the Catholic Faith.

  • Implements a bridge of understanding to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

  • Utilizes questions that approach the sometimes unspoken internal objections of the inquirer and serves as a friendly, joyful apologetic.

  • Provides well-documented answers that can redirect an awkward transition from unbelief to belief.

  • Comes with a Help Desk on-staff to assist you in the use of the text and email support.

  • Presents a unified, catechetically approved text on the following topics (and more):

      Overview of RCIA
    • The Mass
      • Prayers and Responses of the Mass (ICEL)
      • Liturgical Enhancements
    • -- Divine Revelation and Sacred Scripture
    • -- The Church
      • The History of the Church
    • -- Catholic Doctrine
    • -- Nature of Humankind
    • -- The Holy City (Heaven)
    • -- Catholic Teachings
      • Church Discipline and Precepts
    • -- all Sacraments in detail
      • Sacramentals
      • Prayer
      • Devotions
    • -- Resources in print and web.
  • Also included are the following features:
    • Reflection Worksheets
    • -- Journal Pages
    • -- and Specials Pages
      • (Nicene Creed,
      • Our Father, Steps Along the Journey Keepsake,
      • The Ten Commandments,
      • The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy,
      • A Tribute to our Priests,
      • An RCIA Journey,
      • Prayers of the Rosary,
      • Time to Check - Are You Ready?)
    • And MORE!