Mother’s House Publishing Inc. welcomes you to the website, Godcallsyoubyname.org.

In 2006, Mother's House Publishing accepted for publication the manuscript God Calls You By Name.  After three years of hard work, God Calls You By Name was received by the USCCB and declared as being "in conformity" with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, an honorable and well-earned recognition for the author Joyce Stolberg. In fact, God Calls You By Name has often been referred to as "a bridge to the Catechism".

All references in God Calls You By Name to liturgical text were update in accordance with the Roman Missal, Third Edition in God Calls You By Name in 2011.  All books published and purchased by parishes prior to the changes in the Roman Missal received an update supplement at no charge.

In December of 2019, Mother's House Publishing Inc. released the eBook Participants Edition of God Calls You By Name on Amazon for just under $10.00 per Kindle download.  This eBook version is exactly as the print version.

Our purpose is to serve the local parish with quality, affordable, well-thought-out products that we believe will equip the Catechumen and Candidate to persevere in their new found Faith, transmit authentic and accurate Church teaching, encourage the Catechist and Director with profound perspective, and inspire renewed joy in the Church.